Each year, 0-15 Tennis Arts creates an "ArT Shirts" of Tennis stars. 
These unique and exquisite creations are limited to a certain number of pieces. They are a "Wearable Arts" created for true "Tennis-Arts" lovers of the world. 
As part of Artwork of "0-15 ArtBook Magazines/Print Collectibles" and Posters, each year there are certain numbers of Charcoal Drawings created to be used in our publications, in 0-15 ArtBooks Magazines, Signatures Print Collectibles, Tennis Art Posters, etc. Those Drawings are used to create this exquisite collection of limited "Wearable Arts", a dry-fit special cut Tshirts-Sportswear. It's being welcomed by Tennis world beyond our expectation. However, we have created the unintentional dilemma of choices our members has to make, "either wearing them, of framing them". We do apologize for this inconvenience. Our own dilemma is the limited number of items we have committed for each original, against the large numbers of demands from our members and the limitation of the originals being created by the selective artists each year.
The collections are always sold out by the first week of their introduction. We are trying to create a higher number of originals with our young artists without compromising the quality of the art. Our goal is that, in order to satisfy the demand of our members, and hoping to go beyond our membership demand, we are discovering new artists who can deliver the highest level quality of drawings, so we can produce more of the collections, without compromising the limited numbers of originals we are committed to.
Each original ArTShirt series are presented to our members online as they are available for them.
The originals of the drawings are subject to auctions for the benefits of Children and Artist causes worldwide.