The most beautiful thing we can experience is the source of all trueArts  and Science. To whom this notion is a stranger, pause no longer wonder, and stand wrapped in awe, is good as dead, their eyes are closed!                                                                                                  Albert Einstein 1938


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0-15 ArtShirts are created out of charcoal drawings of your tennis heroes for you to collect or wear, as one of a kind, limited and numbered Wearable Arts

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0-15 Tennis Arts Club is created by Arts Sports International Inc. (ASI) as part of Arts, Sport & Consciousness projects series. It is created to bring Arts in all forms to serve Tennis World, while connecting to younger generations, in the process of developing the essential elements of ASI vision "Power of 5".
It is a platform to communicate with Tennis Artists & Tennis Entrepreneurs, Young Tennis Players & their families, Tennis Fans & Supporters.
we are here to introduce new arts & Artists to Tennis world, and share our vision with all, to be benefited by all.
0-15 Tennis Arts Club is a display and a platform for ASI Tennis Arts Products, revolutionary0-15 ArtBook Magazines, 0-15 Signatures, andTennis Arts Business Projects, as well as our vision, our philosophy, andPower of 5 projects with Tennis Intellectuals,Tennis Artists, and Tennis Entrepreneurs.
It's the beginning of a deeper, meaningful and creative ways of connecting to the tennis world.
"What matters" pages, we'll share our views, ideas and our plans. "About Us"will introduce us to you. "Tennis Entrepreneurs"will present you our plans, and start a unique and revolutionary Tennis Arts Business relationships with those who's interested. "Tennis Mentors"will give their time, energy and expertise to younger players to help with their games and mindset to succeed better in Tennis. "Tennis Arts"will be a display of our creations, products, and projects to inspire and impress you.

"Tennis Media"will be a charming reflection of Tennis activities in the media. "Tennis Shopping" will be convenient ways to search your favorite tennis retailers.
"0-15 Collectibles" will offer you our creations. and Maybe now and then, things will be shared that might be an interest to you.
Keep 0-15 Tennis Arts Club in mind, keep it in your heart and in your plans, it is the beginning of an exciting relationship with you that will surprise you the depth it may reach, and the possibilities you might be inspired by.

Welcome to 0-15 Tennis Arts Club! come back as often as possible.
ASI Mentors and Guest Mentors are there for you to answer your questions, and advice you in their areas of expertise. Please visit MENTORS PAGE and use the dialog Box to communicate with them. Your conversation will be confidential, only you will be seeing your conversation that you'll be sharing with the coach you choose.

They'll be happy to make a difference in your Tennis.

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JULY  1 -  JULY  14   2019   WIMBLEDON   ENGLAND

0-15 tennis arts collectibles & art wearables are our own unique limited Arts created by various artists from all around the globe for you to collect. Each year ASI will be adding new creations to fuel our Tennis Arts Revolution for you to join and celebrate.