(01/08/'16) an essay from 0-15 ArtBook Magazines (Why I stopped playing Tennis)

Remembering my childhood, how it felt, and how I experienced life, it all feels like a dream now. But the effects from it are still very much real to me. I live it again and again, day after day. 
For the most part, I am content with my life. I have a family that I love, a job that I am happy with, everything that can make a man happy. Well, except for one thing, one thing that was bigger than life to me when I was a little boy. One thing made me so happy, one thing made me forget time, and made me finish my homework so fast that I could be with it a little bit more. 
I loved it more than anything else in life. It was my first love, Tennis. I was so good at it. I tasted my first success, my first romance, and my first true happiness. It made me feel like a man, made me feel like “SomeOne”, even though I was just a boy.
Slowly, it was taken away from me by the people who did introduce it to me in the first place. My parents.  
Who knows, maybe they meant well, maybe they were trying to help me, protect me even. Nevertheless, they took away something that was very special to me; something that I still can define my life with. 
I remember them so vividly the way they used to act all around the tennis courts and the way they behaved at clubs. I remember it the way they interacted with other parents and the way they talked to me the front of my friends.
I remember the way they wanted me to win or even act in a certain way, the way they made me feel. The way they did everything when it comes to tennis and competition. I wish that they left me alone to find out for myself what is right and wrong. I wish they did not claim my experiences as their own win or lose. I wish that they had just let me be. 
I always wondered whether they ever could see themselves from the outside. Could they ever know how much they damaged my young heart and fragile mind? 
They never meant it, I am sure of that, but nevertheless they did what they did. They made me never touch the racket, that I thought I could never live without.
I am trying to forget that part of my life now, that cruel joke. But tennis?
Well... How could I ever forget it knowing what it meant to me?

A Reader submitted Essay for "Why I Stopped Playing Tennis?" Series of Essays - 0-15 ArtBook Magazines.

(01/07/'16) tennis Arts 0-15 ArtBook Magazines​​​

​In our effort to create a magazine for the children of the tennis world, their parents, and mentors, we are building the elements of our vision for all the children of the world. 
In order to understand the magic that creates champions, we need to take our focus to the roots of development of healthy human beings, before anything else. Perfection is not an accident, it is the end result of a deep understanding of the sources of human potential, and brilliance. Everything begins with a vision and is fostered with knowledge and experience, hard work and sacrifice.
0-15 is a platform for all children to speak their mind and share their emotions, develop better communication skills, and to make them feel understood.
0-15 will help parents to understand the core of tennis culture and the sport for life.
And will focus on health in everything that makes us who we are in our body, in our mind, our culture and in our consciousness.

(01/08/'16) Arts, SPORT & business OF TENNIS WITH CONSCIOUSNESS (ASI Vision) "the Power of 5"

We can do a lot in this world by connecting the right elements together, the right ways. the Arts, consciousness, the Children, Tennis, new ideas, a new vision for sharing, NEW WAYS OF CREATING, FOR building A better future, providing better opportunities, for all. Tennis world has that potential.
For that, we have envisioned and developed a brand new vision. Let us share it with you, since you are part of it! :-)

our vision has two fundamental objectivesThe First one is introducing Arts, New Arts, New Business, New Arts/Sports Business, New vision for Philanthropy and new ideas into TENNIS World. and The Second ONE is to create opportunities and unique platforms FOR new ways of helping and supporting the sport of Tennis, Tennis people, Artists, Artists Entrepreneurs, People who's in need, MORE IMPORTANTLY, children, tennis children, orphans, with an effective, lasting and revolutionary ways.  We called it "the Power of 5"

this borderless vision has three (3) components. the First is the elements of
"the Power of 5" which is about 5 entities that connect in unique ways over revolutionary ideas to function and perform for the benefits of each other.
They are (1) Artists, New Artists, Artists Entrepreneurs. (2) Children, Tennis Children, Orphans. (3) New business and New Philanthropists,  Entrepreneurs. (4) Organizations, Institutions, Corporations and Governments. (5) Tennis world, with its needs,  its followers and supporters.
The second component of this vision is
ASIs' own creation of Products and Services.
Dozens of revolutionary/groundbreaking products and services created to build new business with unique business models. it begins with cutting edge digital media, in company with revolutionary print media and publishing vision, which is the centerpiece of the platform that all will take place.

The third component is the partnerships that could be organized in five groups with their unique and customized plans and options.
They are 
Corporations, Organizations, Institutions, Governments, and Individuals.
Individuals are also categorized into 
four groups which their functions and expectations are uniquely different from each other.
Tennis retirees and lower ranked players are one group and tennis Philanthropists is another. Tennis families and Tennis Entrepreneurs are the others. 
They will all have different benefits, expectations, and objectives from this vision, which will be catered accordingly.


Director Alie Oz