Albert Einstein's words "The only life worth living, is the life lived for others.." Was the inspiration for our vision from the beginning, and in Archimedes words, "Give me a long enough lever, and I shall move the earth for you.. " compelled our efforts to create and operate our organization ASI - Arts Sport International, dedicated to serving the Arts, Children, Tennis, Education and Consciousness.

Our short history as an organization, has been strengthened by our long combined individual experiences and empowered by our deep commitment, to the vision of connecting the Old arts and the New, developing the concept of the Artist Entrepreneur, focusing on the children who are in need,  and motivating a new form of business and a new philanthropy for far more Nobel causes, with real, substantial and achievable objectives, and plans to inspire governments that care. Our relentless efforts, with our creations, inventions and our hard work, is the core of ASI.

In this process, beyond its game-changing vision for publishing the world, the deeper and more meaningful vision of its true purpose is children's welfare, their education, and understanding of their needs, globally. 

In our platforms, we have created as the new age publications, to build an objective to connect all the necessary elements in one, to share the benefits with the children in needs, the new artists of the world, and the institutions for their efforts parallel to our objectives.
For that, we start our journey with tennis world
And in our efforts we are introducing to you a new platform to claim and celebrate tennis lifestyle that cares for the Arts, Children, new ideas, innovations, and consciousness.

For that, we give you, 0-15 ArtBook Magazines!

0-15 ArtBook Magazines is a New Age publication dedicated for Tennis, Children Causes, Arts & Artists, New Ideas, New Business, Educations, and Consciousness, and it is created to share all its benefits with all Institutions who's supporting the same causes and the objectives, to make a difference in the world.

In its remarkable vision, we are connecting to institutions of choosing to share the benefits of this platform in partnership, and award their efforts towards Tennis, Children and Arts in very unique and lucrative ways.

If you have not yet being contacted by ASI or by its representatives, and you believe that you're qualified for this program, please make your inquiries to

For further and detailed/confidential information about ASI's Arts Sports for the Forgotten Generations @ Institutions program, please contact the director's office:   or


ASI's ARTS & SORTS for the FORGOTTEN GENERATIONS Painting and Drawing Classes MAY. 2015 SHANGHAI CHINA